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Zac Shaffer is running for Judge in Philadelphia because he has the integrity, commitment, and experience to be the kind of Judge Philadelphia needs. At a time when public confidence in our justice system is at an all-time low, Zac is committed to reconnecting the community to the bench. As an experienced attorney with a practice focused on courtroom litigation, Zac has dedicated his career to helping people in need at the most distressing moments of their lives.

From an early age, Zac looked up to his grandfather who served as a major role-model in his life. Howard Parke was a war hero who was captured by Nazis in World War II after a panzer tank knocked down the house where he was radioing coordinates to the army. During a howitzer shelling he took the opportunity to escape where he was wounded by enemy fire.

When Howard Parke returned home after the war, he began a legal career grounded in fighting injustice wherever he saw it. Early in his legal practice, Zac’s grandfather swung for the fences by suing the New York Yankees on behalf of his baseball player friend. Though he ultimately lost in the US Supreme court, his challenge was a pivotal action that paved the way for free agency and other reforms. Zac was inspired by his grandfather’s dedication to those he believed needed help and decided to make it his life’s work to fight for justice.

Zac Shaffer started his legal career at Temple University, earning his law degree there and going on to complete clerkships for two Philadelphia Common Pleas judges sitting in the major criminal trial unit. After clerking, he served hard-working men and women on a wide range of issues at Freedman & Lorry, a union law firm. He later drew on this experience in co-founding the busy and respected law firm of Montoya Shaffer, LLC. In his legal practice, Zac Shaffer has represented thousands of people in cases large and small—from minor traffic tickets to homicides—and he has spent countless hours providing free legal services to those in need.

Zac will be the kind of judge Philadelphia needs. He will be impartial and unbiased, starting from the ground up with a self-funded campaign. No campaign contributions means Zac will be beholden only to the voting public. Once elected to the bench, Zac Shaffer will run his courtroom by the highest ethical standards. Integrity

As one of the younger candidates this year, Zac will bring energy and a fresh perspective to the bench. He will work hard to serve Philadelphia with dedication and creativity. On top of being in court every workday from 9-to-5, he will open his courtroom early two days a week to provide extra attention to probationers, defendants re-entering society, and other people in need of the court’s attention. Commitment

Most importantly, Zac Shaffer has the experience he needs to hit the ground running once he is sworn in. While many lawyers never set foot inside a courtroom, Zac has made a career of helping people navigate their way through the judicial system. As a founding partner of one of the busiest criminal litigation firms in Philadelphia, Zac has personally served as lead counsel on more than a thousand cases. Zac has seen court at its worst, and he has learned about justice from the best. Experience

Zac Shaffer has the integrity Philadelphia has been waiting for. He is committed to working smarter and harder every day to serve everyone who appears in his court. He has the experience to do the job right from day one. On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, cast your vote for Zac Shaffer to be judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

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